A Perfect Nomad

Luxury, organic, ethical resort wear.

A perfect nomad is a luxury, organic and ethical resort wear collection cultivated by the rhythm and aesthetics of the bohemian traveller.

A Perfect Nomad’s resort wear elegantly strikes the balance between effortless and ethereal. Designs inspired by island wanderers, for island wanderers.

Each individual piece breathes a celebration of freedom and grace through soft free-flowing silhouettes. Delicately draping linen blends and deep plunging Vs make the collection effortless for any encounter.

We found ourselves reaching for these pieces time and time again; much as a nod to their commitment towards sustainability.

Don’t be fooled by the billowing fabrics and flowing sleeves – these are summer staples that offer the perfect sun breaker during those moments of afternoon shade seeking, and even as the sun soars during the height of summer, these are throw-on pieces and a conversation starter in any setup.

We found the collection offered a seamless transition from our morning coffee-fuelled wanders in old town Majorca, to barefoot beach sunsets for our sundowner in Sitges and even to the heart of the Spanish countryside amongst he sprawling vineyards.

A nomadic simplicity is felt throughout the brand and fed through designs, which is a mentality we found ourselves adopting. We didn’t want for much as the fabric swung at our ankles and the sun set on the horizon.