For many of us, this year has been an incredibly challenging, transformative and life-changing time. For better or worse, it will have changed us all in some way. And now, looking back, we can finally reflect on the lessons we’ve learned—about resilience and community.

Being part of a community provides a sense of belonging. Both online and offline, communities have provided much needed support in this unprecedented time of isolation and uncertainty.

Personally, we are very proud of our fellow creative community. We’ve been endlessly impressed by the countless displays of resilience throughout these trying time, but no more than the response to our winter competition.

As a way of giving back to the community, we decided to hold a competition with the aim of bringing people together around a shared common purpose for meaningful online collaboration.

The competition flirted with the glitz of the fictionalised world of Gatsby, a dash of glamour to our otherwise cold and grey days outside. The brief was to design a champagne bottle using any means of design, photography or film. We’ve been truly bowled over by the entries and have been so delighted to witness the effort made by everyone to lean into their creativity for this unified purpose.

You can view the entries here.

Whilst many teams have been separated this year, we decided to take a very different approach. We invited two members of our team to come and live with us in our Barcelona apartment turned studio, where we created endless magic. Come Christmas, we are all in different counties once again but we made this film as a sentiment to the beautiful time we spent together.

We hope in some way you can find peace, joy, and happiness this christmas,  Love Stories.